Striking a fair balance between the individual property owner's right to develop his or her land and the surrounding neighbors' right to a safe, clean and attractive community is the cornerstone of a responsible land use practice.  Every development plan has both positive and negative impacts, some are far better or far worse than others.  For this reason, I represent the interests of individual homeowners and developers, as well as objectors and local land use boards. 

My zoning and planning practice covers the construction of fences, pools and home additions/renovations as well as responsibly designed subdivision plans, commercial development and changes in property uses.  I can direct you to a broad network of licensed site engineers, professional planners, traffic and environmental experts, realtors, appraisers and other land use professionals to assist you.

Services start with identifying the types of permits and approvals you will need and estimating a general idea of the time and expense associated with your application.  I will then assist in preparing and filing the appropriate applications, meeting with local municipal professionals and staff, notifying the public in accordance with state law and preparing for and presenting the application at the public hearing.  I will also work with county, state and federal level officials in addressing any technical review concerns they may have. 

Once approval has been obtained, I am also available to facilitate the Resolution compliance process; draft developer's agreements, deeds and easements; and prepare and file maintenance and performance bond release requests.  In the event you are looking for construction expediting assistance, I can help there, too.