Whether you are buying your first home or selling a shopping center, I will work with you from negotiating the contract through closing. 

Residential - Buying a home is usually the single largest investment you will ever make.  The assistance of legal advice in reviewing the initial contract; explaining and negotiating important inspection issues; answering your financing and mortgage questions is important to protect your investment.  I will also review title issues and attend the closing with you.  Additionally, I can refer you to professionals offering home inspection, mortgage financing as well as homeowners' and title insurance services.   

Commercial - Commercial real estate transactions require a more sophisticated understanding of financing and title challenges.  I can help you explore alternatives to the traditional mortgage and fee simple ownership of property.  You may want to use different funding products, both private and commercial; you may want to share ownership, create a condominium or opt for a lease arrangement. Whatever direction you choose, I will provide the legal guidance to take your transaction to closing.